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Chances are, that somewhere on planet earth, there is another address, a clone address, very similar to your own, an address twin, or a house or flat number twin if you like. 

This twin could live anywhere but live worlds apart from you in many ways.

Locally and globally we have all been joined together in a bizarre experience that has seen many of us spending more time inside these addresses than ever before. 

Across cities, streets, towns and villages there are houses, flats, and other spaces, all populated by human beings. Each place probably has its own individual identity marked by a postcode, a street name, or a number.


Twinning is a project about making new connections that asks you to find your address twin and write them a letter. 

Type your address into a google search or into maps and see what is suggested!

We would love to hear your Twinning stories #twinnedaddress and tag us

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