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George Harris

Artisit Director

George Harris is a freelance creative producer and Artistic Director of Tin Shed Theatre Co. specialising in making multi-scaled site responsive and immersive theatrical work.

Georgina is also a skilled community facilitator and is co-founder of a number of community arts provisions. She has worked and trained to identify local community stakeholders and larger partnership organisations to support the work of Tin Shed and continues to integrate her passion as an Artistic Director into her creative producing skills. 

"I like to think of myself as a connector first and foremost. The creative linkage between people and place. My lifeblood as a creative is to surround myself with interesting collaborators, pulling together skills, initiating conversation and using these key elements to extract the story we want to tell. I think that's all we're ever doing really isn't it? Telling stories. For me its the artistic vision of the how and the where forming lasting bonds to make art and culture the vehicle for social change and lasting social infrastructure” 

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