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Bob Condick,

He does lights. He does Sound when NASA couldn’t get a good photo of the moon because it was too dark, who did they call? That’s right they called Bob!

When the light at the back of bobs Mams fridge went out, who did she call? That right she called Bob! He was born a baby in Cardiff and has since become a man in Newport.


In January 2016 bob created Ble Mae Productions and has in recent years worked on both small local community theatre to lighting at some of the largest festivals and events in the UK. He has also toured theatre shows across the Uk, Europe and the UAE, in the last few months Bob has worked on Dr Who, Bluedot Festival, Ynot Festival and Boardmasters.


He is delighted to be undertaken this version of Moby Dick and to be working with Tin Shed Theater on another fantastically ambitious project.

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