It's Thursday 16th. For a group of young people based mainly in Newport, it has been set in the diary since lockdown began.

It's today, the day that their Live Stream Show The Jury goes live.

For over a month now we have been meeting with our HATCH Young Theatre Makers regularly on Zoom.

We started with not much to do. Catch up. Play games. Doing some writing and doing some sharing. Then we really got into playing Mafia. If you've never played it, it's a sort-of free form role-play game in which there are a secret pair of murderer amongst a village of seemingly normal people. The aim of the game is to find out who the Mafia are and kill them before they kill everyone else. It's interesting and it's extremely fun, and it's also very adaptable.

We started changing the setting. Instead of being Mafiosa they become teenagers at a house party, and so the concept for The Jury was HATCHED. Excuse the pun.

However, I'm not writing this blog to tell you about the work WE'VE done, I'm writing this to tell you about the work THEY'VE done, and to make one thing very clear.

This show is theirs. The words they speak they wrote. The mystery, as it unravels, concieved by them, the genius of having a LIVE Jury and everything else inbetween, and I think they deserve so much for everyone to know that. I think it is incredible and that they are some extraordinarily talented young people who teach me how to have fun and be resilient by create something (anything) no matter what. Oh and, go big or go home.

Here they are:

Stoyan Nedelchev

Megan Shergold

Katie Hathaway

Shauna Bridge

Abbey Lewis

Matt Reed

With some excellent additional work done by Callum and Angharad Nelson, with the wonderful Luana Dee from our PUBLIC THEATRE, stepping in to fill the role of Judith Butler.

We'd like to thank Fez at Sofa Share Wales, The Riverfront and team, Danielle Rowlands, Georgina Harris, Dewi Jones and Connor Allen.

We hope you enjoy the show,



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