The Jury

A brand new interactive digital theatre show written and created by HATCH Youth Theatre Make (16+).

This is a blog-post to celebrate the work of our BRILLIANT young theatre makers who attend weekly HATCH sessions at The Riverfront.

During lockdown we've been continuing our weekly HATCH sessions with over 30 young participants exploring, inventing and creating new work via Zoom. It's been a weird and wonderful time, as well as a much needed boost to our own creative energies taking inspiration from the resilience of the young people we work with.

Across all three HATCH sessions (that's HATCH Play, HATCH Act and HATCH Make) we've seen this joyful spirit of creativy blossoming with our young participants creating videos and online responses to these strange times.

That's why we're super proud to tell you all about The Jury.

The Jury is a brand new piece of digital theatre that has been created entirely in lockdown via Zoom. The plot is built around expansive free-from game play inspired by such games as Mafia, Murder In The Dark and Werewolf. Driven by the idea of casting the audience as the jury, this group of 16+ Make participants have created an interactive digital concept that blends contemporary youth culture and the truths and lies of social media with the tropes of a classic murder mystery.

We're working with the support of Sofa Share Wales and The Riverfront theatre to create this free experience that is for all audiences, but with the specific intention of performing this work with and for 16+ audiences also in lockdown. So if you know any, show them this.

As a facilitator and director working with this group I have found their resilience, creativity and braveness totally inspiring. Today (25th June) is the day this group of young people were supposed to be sharing a different performance called Everything, Something, Newport, in the studio theatre of the Riverfront. Having worked on Everything, Something, Newport for over two years on-and-off, tonight it should be opening live in the Riverfront studio theatre. Now it will probably never happen. As an act of creative resistance and reinvention of the rules, I wanted to post this blog today and celebrate a certain kind of doggedness found in these young people that we could all maybe use.

The Jury will be going live on the 16th and 17th of July at 7.30pm on Sofa Share Wales Facebook Page.

If you want to know more, and want to sign up to be a jury member who will deliberate the case LIVE, then please visit our website and fill in the Jury Duty form.

If you're a young person interested in joining HATCH, or know a young person that might be, drop us an email:

Lastly, if you would like to help or be involved in anyway then ping us an email and let us know. We'd like to get this work all the attention and audience it deserves. If you can be a part of making that happen then get in touch with us.



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