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Big Skies is a three-year project that looks to reunite people from the city with the rural landscapes that surround them. Focusing on the Gwent levels, Tin Shed Theatre Co. in collaboration with Living Levels Partnership and the RSPB, will create a portfolio of events that span the levels, from Chepstow to Cardiff.

These events will be a mixture of theatre, public art, community workshops and exciting happenings in and around these rural locations. Looking at the history of the levels, mans connection to the land, sustainability, and the multi-diversity within these natural preserves, we want to rekindle people with their rural selves and invite people to participate, witness and create beautiful things.



A trilogy of socially distanced joy filled happenings and participations with local artists and community collaborators.


Happenus is a concept that looks at how we view, connect and interact with our homes and cities centres. It seeks to ask questions, and challenge perceptions through interaction and adaptation of place and space. The visibly invisible. 


Commissioned Artists and community participants from Newport will curate a series of interactive installations in 3 separate offerings.

Noun -  happenings of happiness

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