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& Rufus

Marion Cheung: I'm a multi-disciplinary artist with a socially engaged practice, using drawing, paint, mixed media, textiles, and sound. With a background in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins, my 30-year career spans London and Wales, combining design, community art, and education. In 2022, I earned an MA in Arts Practice with Distinction.

Rufus' Experimentica22 residency brought us Battles of the Bluejay, an interactive instillation with contemporary storytelling crossing over into Psychiatry & women's rights. Her present Swynwraig & #DenimDwbl recently exhibited at the Swansea School of Art - Indirect Direct Access: Ethics of Speaking, Looking, Knowing and Touching - showcasing experiences that leave you both uncomfortable & enlightened, inviting you to engage in the essential dialogue of our time.
Using Key Word Theory they are developing Welsh language opportunities for all, through chant, co-creation & cross art creativity. Her bilingual studio album Tri(ger) Warning(s) launches at Chapter Arts in February & they are the Coracle Europe Slam Champ 2023.

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