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With a view on creation in a public place and with the ability to change the way in with we see our empty spaces, the Public Theatre Co is an open-access community company with a vision to better our communities through creative action.

The PT Co. is is a place where people from all walks of life come together to discuss, play and sometimes perform. To date the Public Theatre has been involved in Maindee Festival, the Living Levels project, Moby Dick on the Transporter Bridge, Rocket Launch at Blaenavon Ironworks and more. The group develops based on those who attend with a view to harness everyone creativity and provide a playful outlet to those who are seeking it.


Currently meeting on zoom and in person, the group meet monthly whilst planning and more regularly during a project. It remains flexible around work/life balances and aims to work together to make time for sessions. 

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Interested in joining and finding out more?
Email us at 

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