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Angharad Evans 


Angharad is Producer of Participation and Welsh Language Advocate for Tin Shed Theatre Co. 


'I've been working with Tin Shed Theatre Co for over a year now. I develop the Outreach Programme, and work closely with Partners across the City, Nationally, and Internationally . My passion is community participation, giving the community creative platforms to share ideas, connect and feel like a part of a collective artistic community. I've always wanted to be a part of an arts and social space having been inspired while working on an immersive production with BArts in Stoke. The Place is organically growing and being what the community wants it to be. I've loved being a part of it! and I've really loved developing bilingual opportunities/ provision with local Artists and community, and love the fact I get to speak Welsh on a daily basis now (which hasn't happened for years). People pop in for a quick cuppa and chat. Working across Wales in previous work has given me the opportunity to connect with groups from previous projects and develop new connections. I am very keen to continue relationships and connect people throughout Wales, being a bridge and a connector. '

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