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  1. Call someone you know. See you long you can talk to them before they recognise it's you! OR  Call a stranger and wish them a happy winter

  2. Turtles carry their houses on their back. Paint a box, like your house and then wear it like a turtle. 

  3. Make a trailer for the film about your life.

  4. Make some Salt- Doh (recipe here)
    and use it to try and make a self portrait!


  5. Draw yourself as a dinosaur and name yourself. 

  6. To the length of Jingle Bells use toilet roll and other household items to turn a family member in to a toilet paper mummy

  7. Make a cotton wool snowman that looks like someone you know.

  8. Make a goose puppet using a white sock, buttons for eyes and orange paper for the beak. Practice honking.
    Surprise someone with your goose.


  9. Try and sing a popular song with your mouth closed and ask someone to guess what it is. 

  10. Everything is a drum! Make a drum kit using things from your house and drum along to a song you love. 

  11. Draw a dog using your wrong hand and try and make it as bad as possible. Enjoy drawing a terrible dog! (if you're left handed use your right etc). HINT: It must still look like a dog.

  12. Turn a window of your house into a mini art gallery.

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